Support Kent Schools welcomes your backing


Our group has been established with the following aims:

To preserve the existing system of education in Kent, principally by campaigning to defeat any ballot to abolish grammar schools which may be brought forward in the LEA areas of Kent, Bexley and Medway.
To promote research into the present education system, its effectiveness and outcomes and to compare these with other systems elsewhere.
To provide information to parents and schools concerning the consequences of any change in the secondary education system in Kent.

It is a condition of membership that members support these aims.

We need the support of all caring parents and strongly urge you to join us in our fight to maintain the educational status quo in Kent.

This not only means safeguarding our fine grammar schools which continue to prove their worth, but also encouraging the High Schools in the county which are providing a fulfilling education for seventy-five per cent of our children.

The selection process in Kent, Medway and Bexley should not be seen as a matter of success or failure. It is designed to ensure that primary school children progress to secondary education which is most appropriate to their individual needs.

It would be folly to dismantle a system which confirms Kent secondary schools as being among the best in the country in adding value, taking the development of ALL children into account.

Will you join us? We hope so.

As a member you will be kept informed by newsletter as matters develop. In addition, your local action group will be made aware of your interest and also any offer of help by you.

Complete the application form and send it with £12 (minimum annual family subscription) to:

P 0 Box 921
Maidstone Kent ME14 5WZ
Telephone 01622 734098

All subscriptions will go towards a fund working for the maintenance
of the educational status quo in KENT, MEDWAY and BEXLEY