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E-mail to Michael Howard - 31st May 2007

Dear Michael,

I write to express the warm thanks of SKS for your robust support of all Kent's schools in particular your consistent defense of the work of our Grammar Schools.

I note that you and some of your like minded colleagues are seeking the repeal of the petition/ballot legislation. That was my objective for some time but it is clear that the alternative to a parent decision is a politician's one. OK if it was you but no significant political party now supports Grammars. A sad day for democracy indeed. Are we not safer in the hands of parents?

The present controversy might be quelled if a pledge was made to allow parents to have a petition and ballot to secure a grammar where one does not exist. Such a mechanism would balance the existing one to get rid of grammars. It would seem to be fair and would remove the decision from politicians. It might even garner a few votes!

Eric Hammond, Chairman Support Kent Schools.

Reply from Michael Howard - 8th June 2007

Dear Eric
Thank you very much for your email about grammar schools.

I have noted your suggestions with interest.

It is not, however, quite accurate to say that 'no significant political party now supports grammars.' It is clear that the Conservative Party does support existing grammar schools even if it is not prepared to make a commitment to a programme of new schools.

It was very good to hear from you. With best wishes