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27 January 2003

Dear Sir

It is evident that anti-Grammar School campaigners do not accept the judgement of the parents of Kent. The Government has given them the opportunity to persuade Kent's parents to sign petitions calling for a ballot to abolish Grammar Schools. Year after year they have failed miserably to present a convincing case and to secure the required number of signatures.

Now, arrogantly and undemocratically, they claim to know, better than parents, what is best educationally for Kent's children. They want the Labour Party to include a clause in its next manifesto to attempt to bring about the demise of Grammar Schools. That manifesto will include major matters such as the economy, law and order and international peace keeping. So those wanting to close our Grammars would sneak a commitment in the small print of the next election.

As demonstrated again this year, Kent secondary schools continue to improve their examination results - improvements to which both High Schools and Grammar Schools have made significant contributions. Changing the ethos of these schools and introducing comprehensive education - the one size fits all notion heavily criticised by Tony Blair - would cost dearly in both financial terms and academic standards.

Support Kent Schools will continue to support educational improvement but will resolutely oppose those who would dogmatically seek to abolish a proven system.

Yours faithfully

Eric Hammond
Chairman - Support Kent Schools