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6 November 2002

The Editor
Kent Messenger
6 & 7 Middle Row
Kent ME14 1TG

Dear Sir,

Kent's review of the admissions procedure for secondary education (brought about by the politically correct though nonsensical adjudicator's decisions) has drawn a predictable response from your frequent correspondent Martin Frey (KM 1st November).

His claims regarding the performance of some of Kent's secondary schools need to be treated with extreme caution. He fails to recognise, as on numerous occasions in the past, that a significant proportion of Kent's High schools are out performing many all through comprehensive schools. He offers no comment on why there is a wide variation in performance between High schools - presumably because it suits his purpose to blame any difficulties solely on the selective system.

Martin Frey seeks to destroy successful schools but never tells us what he has in mind to replace them.

In this post comprehensive era when Mr Blair has acknowledged the failure of the one size fits all concept and is moving towards a more diverse provision, pro comprehensive diehards like Mr Frey need to come clean on their proposals.

Tell us, for a start Martin, which schools you will close, which you will amalgamate, what will be the cost and how you will fund your changes?

Yours faithfully

Eric Hammond
Chairman, Support Kent Schools

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