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17 October 2001

SKS Press release


Parents who have contacted Support Kent Schools because their children were being excluded unnecessarily from the secondary assessment procedure have been given some relief by the latest ruling from the Govemment's Adjudicator.

SKS Chairman Eric Hammond says "The adjudicator's decision upholds parents' rights to express a preference and removes some of the anxiety caused by Kent's interpretation of the original ruling".

He adds "SKS wishes to see all children being provided with a high quality education appropriate to their needs. In the past few months, campaigners against the selective system, having been soundly defeated in previous attempts even to raise a petition in Kent, have resorted to other means to try to undermine the system."

For the future, however, SKS believes it would be more sensible to undertake assessment before parents and children express a preference. This would simplify matters considerably - parents would know beforehand which type of school would be appropriate for their children and, therefore, which schools to visit. A great deal of time and effort would be saved by parents and schools alike. Unfortunately, so far, this common sense approach has been ruled out for the sake of political correctness".

For further information please contact Keith Williams on 01634 844008

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